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Cool Kids Coffee - Vibrant Thang

Cool Kids Coffee - Vibrant Thang

In collaboration with Three Keys Coffee, we are proud to debut our first coffee roast, Vibrant Thang. This Colombian Java/Gesha Natural is a bright, full, and vibrant flavor that is almost tea-like. A limited quantity is available starting June 12th. Label design by, TRAPBOB.

Full info on Vibrant Thang below:

Finca El Vergel is located in Algeciras, Huila, Colombia and run by Robinson Rozo. The farm sits at an elevation of approximately 1,920 meters and consists of 68 hectares in total. Of those 68 hectares, approximately 15 Ha are planted with coffee, or 43,500 trees in total. The 43,500 trees consist of the following varieties: 12,000 Caturra, 8,000 Variedad Colombia, 1,500 Typica, 14,000 Catimor and 6,000 Geisha and 2,000 Java. Robinson, along with his siblings, each inherited a piece of the land and the 2.25 Ha that Robinson has planted are in 100% Geisha. However, Robinson recently also bought another farm nearby and planted 2,000 trees of Java. 
The unique characteristic is that currently all of the infrastructure is at the larger farm, El Vergel, and all coffee from both farms is processed there. They have an extensive wet-mill and sufficient space to dry both washed and naturals, something quite rare for producers in Colombia. Robinson is a young, motivated producer, but not new to specialty. Before planting his own trees, Robinson learned how to cup at one of Colombia’s local trade schools, El Sena, and we have purchased numerous lots of Caturra from Robinson in the past (his father, being part of the older generation is not necessarily interested in producing specialty, so Robinson worked those Caturra lots on behalf of his father, before planting his own). In addition, Robinson took 1st place in our Huila Mágico competition in 2020!

Once the cherries are received at the wet mill, they are floated, the remaining immature beans are manually selected out, fermented in grain-pro bags for 36 hours and then laid out to dry for between 20-30 days.
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